How to Remove the Background of Video for Free in Capcut

how to remove the background of video for free in capcut

Do you want to remove the background of your video and replace it with other videos and photos? I have a solution for you which is Capcut, the Capcut app can help you easily cut or remove the background of the video affecting the quality of the video and the main subject.

Why Remove Video Background?

You need to remove the background of your video if your video contains irrelevant stuff behind you, unwanted people, or a bad background. Sometimes, you need to add a simple color background behind your product videos to enhance the creativity and product, then we need to remove the raw background and replace it with amazing colors that suit your brand well. You can also replace your background with images and videos too.

Why Capcut to Remove the Background of Video?

Capcut is a very famous video editing software that comes with many built-in features that help you easily create stunning and viral videos for TikTok and Instagram. As capcut Pro comes with a lot more premium features to enhance the creativity of your videos and make them look more professional and amazing but you can remove background for free from any video using the capcut mod apk. 

Below are the steps that you use to remove and replace the background of a video using capcut app apk. 

Step to Remove Background of Video using Capcut APK

7 steps to remove the background of video for free

Step 1: Download Capcut Mod APK and install it on your Android phone.

Step 2: Open the Capcut app and Create a New Project

Step 3: Import the video for which you want to remove the background. (Note: Video background must be static and different in color from the subject for the smooth removal of background)

Step 4: Click on the Video from the timeline and choose the CutOut feature from the list of features shown below.

Step 5: Now click on the Remove Background option and click OK. The process will begin and after a few seconds your video background will be removed. 

Step 6: Click on the Plus icon sign in the right from the project layers window and add a new layer background. It can be any video or photo background that you want to use as your video background.

Step 7: Adjust the background clip as per your desire and make some adjustments if needed.

Step 8: You successfully remove and replace the background of your video. Now, you can click export to save your work and share on TikTok and other social media platforms.

What to do If you’re Unable to Export Capcut Video 

This is very hard and frustrating to see your work stuck after putting all the effort and time into it. There are several reasons why you’re unable to export your capcut video, which is:

  1. No Free Space
  2. Heavy Video Project
  3. Low Memory
  4. The app is not Updated
  5. Low System Specifications
  6. Bug / Corrupted APK file

You can restart your device to check and export again, don’t worry your project will remain safe in drafts and you can still make changes and export again.

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