Capcut vs Filmora – Which is Better | Best Video Editing Tool in 2024

capcut vs filmora which is better capcut or filmora

Are you facing difficulty in comparing Capcut vs Filmora and finding the best video editing software? These are the two popular video editing software with their own features and capabilities. In this comparison, I’ll share the key features of both video editing software that will help you decide which one is better for your video editing projects. 

What is Capcut

Capcut is a very popular video editing software developed by Bytedance. Capcut is mainly used by the TikTok users and creators as it helps them to edit and create viral TikTok videos with the use of ready-made templates and effects.

What is Filmora

Filmora is also a famous video editing software developed by Wondershare that works on timeline based models just like all the other video editing software. It is mostly used to edit YouTube videos.

Capcut vs Filmora | Which is Better?

Given below are the factors on which you can decide which is the best video editing software, the Capcut vs Filmora comparison based on features is explained below.

1. User-Friendly Interface:

Capcut: Capcut comes with a very user-friendly interface making it easy to use for beginners. The interface and the features help nontechnical users to edit their videos without any prior video editing knowledge.

Filmora: Filmora on the other hand also comes with a simple interface but for new editors or normal content creators, it is a bit difficult to edit videos on Filmora. Because the tools and features in Filmora video editor are not self-explanatory. 

2. Advanced Editing Features

Capcut: Capcut comes with advanced video editing features that will help content creators edit amazing viral TikTok videos and personal memories. The advanced Capcut editing features include auto caption, removal of background, keyframe animation, speed control, color grading, and much more.

Filmora: Filmora doesn’t have such advanced editing features that can help a content creator edit viral trending TikTok videos and personal memories. Although, you can edit simple videos with simple effects with the Filmora video editor.

3. Audio Enhancement / Audio Editing

Capcut: Capcut allows you to edit, remove, and add audio to your video. You can also apply multiple sound effects on your videos with Capcut. Advanced audio editing tools help you remove background noise and adjust the volume of your audio clip.

Filmora: Filmora provides basic audio adjustments to audio and there is no audio effects library provided by the Filmora that’s why it is difficult for the normal user to enhance their video with the use of audio effects. 

4. Export Options

Capcut: Capcut allows direct and quick sharing of your videos on social media. You can also export your video in 4K quality and different video formats.

Filmora: Filmora also provides you the option to export your video in multiple formats and resolutions. Although Filmora fails to directly publish your videos on social media platforms.

5. Pricing

Capcut: Capcut is free to use and you can create and edit amazing videos for TikTok and personal use with its free plan. Capcut also provides in-app purchases with which you can use the premium features of Capcut and unlock the advanced export options. You can also use the premium features of Capcut when you download the Capcut mod APK from our website. This mod app is premium unlocked and you can enjoy editing with all the premium features. 

Filmora: Likewise Capcut, Filmora is also free to use but to get advanced editing options and features, you need to purchase Filmora premium plans.


I used both Capcut and Filmora but I prefer Capcut over Filmora because Capcut saves a lot of my time in editing videos for my social media accounts like TikTok and Instagram reels. The templates library inside Capcut will take my video to the next level. The amazing viral TikTok effects help to get more engagement on my videos and the special editing capabilities will boost my overall productivity and satisfaction.

Shan Awan

Shan Awan

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