Why Does Capcut Keep Crashing | How to Quickly Fix Capcut Keep Crashing Issue


Capcut is the popular video editing software used to edit viral TikTok videos and Instagram reels. Just like any other app, the capcut app may also face issues like crashing, freezing, or lagging in the middle of any video editing project or sometimes at the start.

This capcut crashing problem can be solved easily by restarting the app again or by closing the apps running in the background to give capcut more resources and run properly. Most of the time, this option works but sometimes it doesn’t. So, to make the capcut app work properly, I have covered all the possible reasons and the solutions. Also, the quick fix solutions help you solve your problem very quickly. 

Why does capcut keep crashing?

The capcut app keeps crashing when your phone is not compatible with the minimum requirements to run the capcut app. Sometimes, the large and heavy video file size results in the crashing of the app. There are a lot of other reasons that can cause the capcut app to crash in between any project or at the start.

7 Reasons behind capcut crashing & their solutions

  1. Incompatibility
  2. Insufficient Storage / Low Memory
  3. Too Many Apps Running in the Background
  4. Large Video Size 
  5. Corrupted Build-up
  6. Outdated App Data
  7. Unstable Internet Connection
7 reasons behind capcut crashing


The main reason behind the crashing of the capcut app is the incompatibility of your device with capcut. If your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of Android 5.0 or above in Android Smartphones, iOS 11.0 in Apple devices, or Windows  8/10/11 in PCs then your app might face a crashing issue. 


This issue can be resolved by updating your system’s basic requirements needed to run the capcut app smoothly. You can check for the system updates if any and keep your system up-to-date. But if your app doesn’t meet the system requirements or does not have enough memory or resources to run the app properly, I advise you to update your system or phone to the latest available version that can meet the app requirements.

Insufficient Storage / Low Memory

The app may also crash due to low available space on the phone or PC. The capcut app requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM to run the app smoothly and if you have 2GB RAM in your system then surely you have issues while running the app. Sometimes you add too many filters and effects in your video editing project that may increase the final video size that is greater than the total free space in your device, so obviously your app crashed.


Delete unnecessary data and temporary files from the phone to have enough free space on your phone to run the app smoothly without any issues. In some devices, you can extend the RAM to increase the memory of your phone or system for better performance. But if the issue still persists and you’re unable to extend the memory of your phone then you have to upgrade your device.

Too Many Apps Running in the Background

Sometimes, there are a lot of apps running in the background along with capcut that utilize more resources of the system and result in crashing the app because the app doesn’t get enough resources and memory to run the app properly.


To overcome this problem, all you have to do is to close all the apps running in the background so that the system will allow all the resources to the capcut app and this will result in the smooth working of the application. 

Large Video Size

Capcut will also crash if there is not enough space on the phone required by capcut to save a draft or process your video. Most of the time your device is full of junk files, large video games, apps, and videos and there is no free space to run any app smoothly.


Keep your phone with more than 4GB – GB  of free space all the time for better performance. You can also clear the junk files and cache data of the large apps to free up some space. 

Corrupted Build-up

Sometimes you download the app from unknown sources or third-party websites that are corrupted, have bugs, or are not updated and this will cause your app to crash. 


Always download the app from the verified resources or Google Play Store for Android and the same for other operating system platforms. Delete the app from your phone and download again the latest version of capcut from our website to make the app fully work for you.

Outdated App Data

Sometimes there is a lot of temporary data stored in the app cache that will impact the app’s performance. The app automatically stores these cache data for a fast and efficient response time. But when this data is large, it will slow down the system and affect the performance too, and sometimes this results in the crashing of an app frequently.


You can overcome this problem by clearing the cache of the app. All you have to do is 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. App Management
  3. Choose Capcut
  4. Click on the Clear Cache Button
  5. All Done

Now, restart the app and check.

Poor Network Connection 

The Capcut app will work fine if you have a fast and stable internet connection. Some many features and effects require a stable and fast internet to work properly, if your internet connection is weak you might face problems like app crash, lagging, or freezing that will irritate you while editing your favorite moments or videos.


You can easily overcome this problem by troubleshooting and resetting your internet connection. If you’re connecting with WiFi, then you can try switching to another WiFi connection or turn it off and connect again for a better connection. 

How to Quickly Fix Capcut Keep Crashing Issue? 10 Quick Fix Solutions

Given below are the quick tips that will help you fix your capcut crashing issue in no time.

  1. Close all unnecessary apps
  2. Force Stop CapCut App
  3. Restart your device
  4. Free up some space
  5. Clear up CapCut cache data
  6. Update the CapCut mobile app
  7. Update Android/iPhone firmware
  8. Update graphics card driver (if you’re using a PC)
  9. Reinstall CapCut mobile app
  10. Reset your device
10 ways to quickly fix capcut crashing issue

Close all unnecessary apps

You can close all the apps running in the background to quickly fix the crashing issue of capcut app.

Force Stop

Go to Settings and click on App Management, search for capcut app, and click on it. 

Press the Force Stop button to stop the app

Restart the app to see the issue fixed.

Restart your device

Sometimes you need to restart your device to make your app work properly because sometimes the bugs come in and crash your app or some drivers might not load properly.

Free up some space

Deleting the old unnecessary data and junk files will free up some space in your phone or PC. The app needs some free space to work properly, so freeing up some space may fix the problem

Clear up CapCut cache data

Clear the app cache from the settings to make it work properly.

Update the CapCut mobile app

Download the latest version of capcut to make it work properly without having any issues. 

Update Android/iPhone firmware

Sometimes your system or phone needs to be updated to the newer version, so for that, you have to check for the system updates and keep your system up-to-date.

Update graphics card driver (For PC Only)

Capcut is video editing software that requires a good quality high-speed graphic card to make your editing run smoothly. If you don’t have a graphics card installed on your PC then you need to install one for better performance and if there is an old graphics card installed then update it to a newer one.

Reinstall CapCut mobile app

Uninstall the capcut app from your phone and reinstall it again. Sometimes, the app may not install properly, which causes issues.

Reset your device

Resetting the device can also fix the problem. If your problem persists after doing all the fixes above, then reset your device and power it on again to check the results.

That’s all from my side and I hope you don’t get any issues in your capcut app while editing because I know how bad it feels when your project is stuck in between. As a professional video editor, I face all these problems in my daily life and these simple solutions will help me solve my problem and keep my workflow continuing without any interruption.

You can also download capcut mod APK to use premium unlocked features. This will help you create high-quality videos for your projects and social media platforms with a lot of additional features.

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