Capcut vs Inshot – Which is Better Video Editor of 2024

capcut vs inshot which is better video editor

Are you looking for the best video editor of 2024? I did a comparison of Capcut vs InShot to help you decide which is the best video editor for all your needs. I prefer Capcut video editor based on the following facts i shared below but you can choose what you like based on their features and functionalities. 

What is Capcut

Capcut is a popular photo and video editor software that is the choice of all content creators. It is designed for the content creators who love to create and edit viral short videos and reels for tikTok, Instagram and Youtube. Capcut is free to use and edit videos for your social media accounts, you can edit and apply the trending effects and templates to make your viral tikTok videos. 

What is InShot

InShot is basically a photo editor app but recently they updated it and made it works as a video editor that is available for iOS and android devices. Although InShot is free to use, you can remove ads and unlock premium editing features by purchasing InShot paid plans. 

InShot is also a best choice for many of the content creators as it also provides cool effects and templates to make your editing work easy. You can also apply all kinds of editing techniques on your video and create amazing videos for your tikTok, Facebook and Instagram reels, Youtube shorts and whatsapp statuses.

Capcut Vs InShot – What is the Main Difference?

Now let’s compare the difference between Capcut and InShot to better identify the best video editing software for all your video editing needs.


Capcut: Capcut app is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows. You can use any device to edit your videos and publish directly from the Capcut app to your social media platforms.

InShot: InShot is also compatible with Android and iOS.

User Interface

Capcut: Capcut comes with a beginner friendly interface that is easily understandable by the user of any age group. Due to its friendly user interface, the non-technical person can also create and edit videos without any prior knowledge of video editing. The self explanatory user interface and project timeline helps you easily navigate to the features required to edit a viral tikTok and personal video. Tutorials are provided by the software company to help users create better visual effects and videos.

InShot: InShot also comes with the straightforward design interface that is easily understable by any user. But there is a lack of some self explanatory element which leads users to find difficulty in editing their video. Beside this the colour grading is also not so satisfactory. There are no guidelines or tutorials provided by the company for the ease of users.


Capcut: Capcut is free to use. You can edit and apply any kind of effects from the available library for free and use them in your videos. There are no ads displayed to users in between editing which makes Capcut the only best choice for video editing. Capcut also facilitates pro video editors by providing them the amazing effects and templates to upscale their videos. Although the free Capcut app also enables all features and gives you good results, if you want to enjoy premium features of Capcut then you must download Capcut mod apk which is completely free to use and comes with all premium features.

InShot: InShot is also free to use but ads in between makes you tired while editing your videos. To remove ads and unlock the advanced editing features you have to get the InShot paid version which costs you approx $4 per month.

Capcut or InShot – Features Comparison 


Capcut is a popular video editing software developed by ByteDance, the company who also develops the tikTok app. So, the trending videos and effects you see in viral tikTok videos are created on Capcut app. 

Below is the list of Capcut features that helps you create and edit videos that go viral.

Chroma Key:

Chroma Key is new and advanced technology used by almost all the big video production companies. This technology helps you easily remove the background of your video and then you can replace it with your favourite photo or video to make it look more professional and cool.

Multi Layer Editing:

Capcut supports multi-layer editing with which you can add multiple video layers and sound tracks on your project timeline to  make your editing more professional and creative. The colour grading in layers helps you easily identify between different layers and increase your productivity. 

Keyframe Animation:

If you want to add some animations in your video then this amazing feature helps you create amazing animations inside your video. It is very easy to use keyframe animations in Capcut to make your video look more engaging and creative.

Video Background Removal:

Capcut also provides you with this amazing feature with which you can remove the background of any video with just one click. The intelligence system of Capcut auto analyses the video and cuts the background of any subject. You can then later use this video in any other project with some extra effects.

Auto Captions Generator:

This feature of Capcut helps you generate captions for your videos automatically. The AI system will detect the audio inside your audio and some filters set by you to provide you the real captions of your video that can help the viewer to easily understand the concept that you want to share in your video.

Body Ai:

The Body AI feature is the most popular and crazy feature of Capcut. Many of the viral tikTok videos use this feature to enhance their engagement rate. There are many effects inside this feature that you can use to create amazing effects.

Video Stabilization:

This feature helps you stabilize your shaky videos. Before this feature, very complex editing was required to stabilize shaky video but this feature got this work done. 

Advanced Video Editing Tools:

Capcut comes with the advanced video editing tools such as colour grading, speed control, audio enhancement, trimming, cutting and resizing etc. These advanced features of Capcut help you edit amazing videos.


Video Splitting:

You can split your videos into multiple smaller steps and arrange according to your needs to get the desired results.

Basic Editing Tools: 

InShot offers basic editing tools that can help content creators to edit their personal as well as professional videos. Although these basic editing tools are not enough to edit professional videos, it may give you satisfactory results.


InShot provides a variety of transitions that you can use in between your video cuts to make them smooth.

Text and Stickers:

A wide range of text styles and stickers and provided by InShot video editor. You can use these stickers and text style to make your video more attractive and engaging.

Filters & Effects:

There are bundles of effects and filters provided by the InShot. You can use these free effects and filters to change the overall look of your video and make it look more creative.

Music Library:

You can add music and sound effects to your videos to make them more appealing to viewers.

Capcut or InShot? Which to choose?

I mentioned and described all the features, characteristics, pros and cons of both Capcut and InShot to let you decide which video editor suits well with your video editing needs. I personally suggest using Capcut because of its advanced features and ability to create viral TikTok videos and Instagram reels. Its wide range of templates and effects can easily turn your normal video to professionally edited one with just a few clicks.

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