Capcut APK v11.9.0 for PC | May 2024 Latest Version

Don’t worry about the small video screen, now you can easily edit and create viral TikTok videos using capcut apk v11.9.0 for PC. Enjoy the wide screen editing experience 


We all love working on big screens, no one likes tiny screens to edit videos and it is also very stressful working on small screens while video editing. So, many of us want and love to edit videos on PC just because of its wide screen and smoother user interface. Capcut apk for PC gives you quality video editing experience with its premium editing features and advanced video editing capabilities.There are alot of other video editing tools for PCs available that work best and edit your videos but they all have some pros and cons.

Why Capcut APK
for PC is Better

I did some research on all the best video editing softwares for PC as I am a video editor so I always try to look for the best video editing options that can save my time and produce high quality results. I prefer using capcut apk for pc as per my experience for several reasons, i mentioned some of the reasons to use capcut apk for pc below.

5 reasons Why Capcut mod apk for pc is better

You may also fall in love with this apk of capcut PC version after using it because it has everything that a content writer or video editor wants. It is a one stop solution for all of your video editing needs.

Capcut features.
Smart tools.

Capcut mod app comes with smart tools and features to make your editing more creative and engaging.

Keyframe Animation

With keyframe animation, users can easily create and apply smooth animations to any shape or image in the video to get amazing effects. You can click here to learn more about how to use keyframes in capcut.

Smooth Slow Motion

Create amazing slow-mo effect videos with slow-motion features in capcut. You can now easily manage and control the overall speed of your video. The slow-mo effect can enhance the look of your video and make it look more engaging.



This feature will stabilize your shaky videos. This feature is more than a reward for vloggers who need advanced editing skills to stabilize their shaky videos in other video editing software. But with the help of capcut video editor, you can stabilize your video with just a click.

stabilize video in capcut

XML Support

Capcut supports xml

Simple Interface

Capcut comes with a smooth and simple user interface. The highly skilled UI designers make it possible for every non-technical user to edit their videos without any difficulty. You can easily find everything under your fingertips. Pre-made templates and presets make it easier for the user to enhance the editing quality of their video.

capcut comes with simple and unique interface

Without Watermark

The most important problem that many users face after exporting is the watermark. We don’t want any watermark on our videos so now with this capcut mod app I provided you can export your videos without a watermark.

download capcut without watermark image is premium feature of capcut mod apk

No Ads

No ads mean you can now easily edit your favorite moments with capcut mod APK without being distracted by ads. We all know how irritating it feels when a sudden ad comes in between your work on any video editing app. But before you download capcut mod APK from any other source or website, make sure it is safe and with no ads in it. I tested this mod app and made sure that it doesn’t show any ads in between editing any video.

capcut pro or capcut mod apk comes with no ads

Convert Text to Speech

This pro feature of capcut takes your video to the next level. Now if you want a cool voiceover on your videos, you can easily type and convert that text into speech. There are many voice versions also available to choose from according to your desire.

convert text to speech in capcut mod apk

Music and Sound Effects

Many content creators face difficulty in finding non-copyrighted music and sound effects for their videos. This may take a lot of time and effort to search non-copyright music as per your genre. With the huge music and sound effects library, it becomes easier for users to pick any music from the library and use it in their videos for free. All the music and sound effects in capcut are copyright-free and you can use it anywhere you like. You can also adjust the volume and give your sound any effect as per your need and desire

there are hundreds of free sound effects in capcut mod apk and simple capcut apk

Make Me Cartoon

Do you even imagine converting your video into a cartoon/anime video? If yes, then your dream comes true with this amazing feature of capcut in which you can convert any of your videos with a clear face into a cartoon. Many users reviewed after downloading the capcut app that they like this feature as it is fulfilling their wishes and gives them a glimpse of joy.

you can create cartoon with videos in capcut

Fonts & Colors

Capcut Mod’s new version comes with a huge library of fonts and font styles. You can now edit the text in your style and can change it into any color. Many text effects like glow, shadow, and strokes will make your video more engaging and user-friendly

capcut comes with unique colors and fonts to make your videos looks good

Ai Body VFX

ai body vfx is a trending TikTok feature and you can easily create ai videos with capcut mod apk

Multiple Soundtracks

you can add multiple soundtracks in project via capcut app

Transitions, Texts, Filters and Effects

create amazing videos for TikTok with trending effects, transitions, texts and fonts

Unique features.
Viral Tiktok &
Most demanded.

Remove Background

Chroma Key

chroma key is used to change the video background. it is onw of the premium feature of capcut apk
you can create auto captions to your video in capcut mod apk video editor

Auto Captions Generator

more amazing

4K Export Quality

It is not possible to export your finished video in 4K, but with this mod app of capcut you can export your video in 4k for free. You can also try other export formats as per your needs. The developers also focus on exporting the video without damaging the quality of the video. We recommend you use the suggested export quality as it maintains the performance of your mobile otherwise it will affect the performance if your device is not compatible with the requirements to export video in 4k quality.

Social Media Sharing

This feature of capcut allows you to directly share your finished video to different social media platforms. It saves a lot of your time on switching between different apps, now it can all be done from a single platform.

3D Effects

We see a lot of videos on social media and in many documentaries where a 3D image is shown above the video with its description or features to engage the viewer with the video. Now, this 3d effect is introduced in the newer version of capcut. You can now import your video and then apply a 3D effect on any image or video to make it look more eye-catching and engaging. This 3d effect in capcut will also enhance the overall look of the video.

Multi-Layer Editing

This premium version of capcut pro supports multi-layer editing and by this, you can make professional videos for your businesses or social media as well. This feature also helps podcasters edit their videos via capcut instead of using any complex video editing software.

Templates Library

There are thousands of stunning video templates offered by capcut for free. You can create and generate amazing video effects by using these free premade templates. These templates work well for users who are struggling with video editing and waste hours editing a single video. With these thousands of pre-made templates, you can easily edit professional-looking videos and then customize them in your own way by adding different colors, stickers, icons, and texts as per your needs.

Video Resize

You can easily resize the aspect ratio of your video with this mod app of capcut. You can choose the standard resize options or freely resize your video too.

Cloud Storage

For smooth performance and excellent efficiency, capcut introduces a cloud storage feature that will boost the overall performance of the application. While using cloud storage, you can easily access your video files anytime and anywhere.

More Security/Encryption

Capcut uses encrypted data transmission to prevent data leaks. Your data will not be visible to any third party and you can add an extra layer of security by getting cloud storage which is more secure and you can easily access your files faster.

Real-time Preview

Capcut Pro introduces a real-time preview feature with which you can now completely preview your video after editing before exporting it into any file format. This will save a lot of time in editing and correcting any issues in the video.

Advanced Editing Tools

Capcut comes with advanced editing tools that can change the overall look of any video. You can adjust the smooth transition in your video. Moreover, you can adjust timing, adjust colors, import color LUTs, add different sound effects, and many more. Capcut is an all-in-one video editing software that fulfills all of your needs to edit, export, and publish professional-looking videos.

Wide Range of Video Formats

Capcut supports a wide range of video formats that allow users to work on their desired video formats. Below is the list of supported file formats in capcut.

No Lagging

This issue occurs in most of the other video editing apps when you merge or combine any two video clips or images. The frames break and as a result, you will get poor-quality video results in the end. Capcut pro will process your video smoothly without lagging and you can merge as many videos as per your need without affecting the video quality or lagging issues. Most of the time this lagging issue comes when your phone is not up-to-date or unable to handle the large frame videos. You need to level up the requirements of your PC or phone to get a smooth editing experience and the best results.

Support All Presets

There are hundreds of premade presets that work with this pro mod app of capcut for free. You can use these templates and presets to level up your video editing capabilities and to make viral TikTok videos. Many viral TikTok videos and reels are made using these effects.

Improved Performance

This updated pro version of capcut with full features comes with improved performance. You can render your high-quality videos in a short time with this capcut pro mod app. You may experience high-speed processing time during your video editing, applying effects and templates. Capcut pro latest version comes with enhanced performance and high-security features.

Video to GIF

Now you can easily convert video into GIF with capcut pro for free. Creating gifs and sharing gifs online is very trending nowadays, so you can create your customized gif using capcut.

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Requirements to
Install capcut Apk
for PC

Listed below are the system requirement that you need for the successful installation and working of the capcut app on PC. You may work with basic or low requirements but the recommended requirements helps you in smooth and hassle free editing. 

Characteristics Capcut Apk Capcut Pro Apk Capcut for PC/Windows Capcut for iOS
Operating System Android Android Windows iOS
Pricing Free Free Free Free
UI User Friendly Interface User Friendly Interface User Friendly Interface User Friendly Interface
Watermark Yes No Yes Yes
Export Quality 1080/HD Up to 4K support 1080/HD 1080/HD
Multilingual Support Yes Yes Yes Yes

Tips to Quickly Edit
Viral TikTok Videos Using
Capcut for PC

There are multiple shortcut tips and tricks that you can use in a capcut PC for fast editing. These tips and tricks of capcut APK for PC help you save a lot of time in editing your viral TikTok videos as well as professional business videos.

Shortcut Keys Functionality
Press D Used to Split Video Clip
Press M Used to add or select Music
Press T Used to Trim selected Video
Press C Razor tool to cut the selected clip
Press V Used to Activate Selection Tool
Ctrl Z Used to Undo anything
Ctrl + Shift + Z Used to Redo anything
Press + & - Keys Used for Zoom in & Zoom out

Other valuable tips to speed up your workflow for the perfect and organized video editing are:

  • Keep your files organized and name it properly, so that you can easily find and manage those files later on when needed.
  • Use real-time previews to find any mistakes or errors early in the editing phase before exporting.
  • Always export your final editing in Higher resolution for best quality and user satisfaction.


Hope you enjoy these shortcut tips and tricks to speed up your editing using capcut on PC.

Capcut PC VS Capcut Mobile

The one and the most prominent difference is the screen size. In PC, you will get a larger screen size with high-performance processors to work on your video editing projects whereas in mobile devices it is a bit complex for you to manage and explore all the capcut features.

Characteristics Capcut Apk Capcut Pro Apk
Export Video Without Watermark No Yes
Export in HD or 4K Quality Yes Yes
Chroma Key No Yes
Text to Speech Feature No Yes
Access Viral TikTok Effects No Yes
All Effects Unlocked Yes Yes
Ads Visible No Ads
Video Templates Unlocked Unlocked
Auto Captions No Auto Captions Auto Caption Enabled
Premium Features Lack of Premium Features Unlock All Premium Features

As capcut apk can be used on both mobile devices as well as PC, so you can chose any platform as per your need and ease. The end results are always same and extra ordinary.

Comparison Between
Different Versions of

In the table below, I made a comparison for you between different versions of capcut. You can check and use the capcut app where you like the most.

Capcut APK (Android)

Click to Download App NOW

Capcut APK (Android)

Click to Download App Now

Capcut for PC / Windows

Click to Download App Now

Capcut for iOS

Click to Download App Now

Characteristics Capcut Apk Capcut Mod Apk Capcut Mod Apk for PC Capcut for iOS
Operating System Android Android Windows iOS
Pricing Free Free Free Free
UI User Friendly Interface User Friendly Interface User Friendly Interface User Friendly Interface
Watermark Yes No Yes Yes
Export Quality 1080/HD Up to 4K support 1080/HD 1080/HD
Multilingual Support Yes Yes Yes Yes

Steps to Download
Capcut Apk for PC

Downloading a capcut on PC is very simple and easy if you follow the step explained below in detail. I have discussed each method and provide you with a complete guide in detail for the successful installation of the capcut app. 

There are two main methods that i discussed to install capcut on PC, these are

capcut for pc download

What is an Emulator in PC
and What is the purpose of an Emulator?

Emulator can be a hardware device as well as software that is used to inherit the properties of other hardware or operating systems. Emulators in PCs are used to run the specific type of softwares and applications that are made for another operating system. With the help of an emulator, we are able to install and run the applications of other operating systems. 

In our case, we need to install capcut apk on our PC which is an android application. So, android and windows are both different operating systems and we need an emulator that will help us run our android application on our windows PC.

There are different kinds of emulators that can be used for different purposes, below is the list of different emulator types and their uses.

Emulators for Operating Systems

These types of emulators are used to install and run the applications that are designed and developed for the different operating systems. For example, these emulators are used to run the android applications on the windows operating system.

Gaming Emulators

These types of emulators are widely used in kids play areas, parks and workshops. These emulators can inherit the hardware architecture of any machine and act accordingly to give you the real experience of that device.


These types of emulators are used to create virtual environments. While using these emulators, you can run multiple operating systems on a single machine. Popular virtualization emulators are VMware and VirtualBox.

Cross-Platform Development

Apps that are developed for the different kinds of operating systems are tested via these emulators instead of testing in the actual device. With the help of this, you can test an iphone software inside windows operating system while developing rather than deploying it on any physical iphone device.

How to download and install an emulator on PC?

To download capcut for PC, you need to download and install an emulator on PC. Without an emulator, you can’t run an android or iOS application on a PC. Below are the methods that will help you download and install capcut on PC.

Bluestack Emulator

Nox Player

LD Player

BlueStack Emulator

Bluestack emulator is a very famous and trusted emulator used to create an android environment inside windows operating system. It is used worldwide to install and run android applications on windows PC.

Steps to Download & Install Bluestack Emulator

Now, You have successfully installed capcut on PC.

Nox Player

You can also install capcut on PC using Nox Player, Nox Player is also an emulator that will create a virtual android environment in windows. It is not widely used as an emulator but you can try this if you are having trouble installing bluestack emulator.

Steps to Download & Install Nox Player

Now, You have successfully installed capcut on PC.

LD Player

LDPlayer is also the best and fastest emulator widely used to play games on PC. Popular games like Free Fire & PUBG can be played easily on PC with the help of LD Player. 

You can easily download and install capcut on pc using LDPlayer by following these steps.

Steps to Download & Install LD Player

Now enjoy the experience of wide screen editing by installing capcut app on PC with these free emulators.

How to download and install Capcut on PC without Emulator?

Many video editors want to download capcut on PC but they don’t want to download and install any emulator so there is good news for them. Capcut is a widely used and popular video editing software due to its cool and amazing effects that are viral on tiktok and instagram. 

You can easily download the capcut on PC without an emulator. There are two ways of downloading capcut on PC without emulator which are:

Via Windows App Store or Microsoft Store

Via Direct Capcut website

How to Download Capcut on PC
from Microsoft Store?

Downloading capcut apk on PC is a bit complex because of the emulator and many of us don’t want to install any other software or emulator to install capcut. But you can now easily download capcut on PC without an emulator from the Windows Microsoft store. Capcut app is now listed on the Microsoft store for free, you can simply download the app from there and start using.

Steps to Download Capcut from Microsoft Store

Here’s how you can easily download the capcut app without emulator on PC.

How to Download Capcut for PC
from Capcut Website?

If you’re unable to access the microsoft store, then you can download the app from the official capcut website. The procedure to download the capcut directly from the website is listed below.

Steps to Download Capcut from Official Website

Here’s how you can easily download the capcut app without emulator on PC from the official TikTok website.


Capcut Premium Plan Cost

In some cases, few people go for the purchased version of Tiktok to unlock full features. Moreover, the premium users of capcut will get 100 GB of cloud storage whereas the free user may get only 1 GB of cloud storage. So, for the users we want to purchase the capcut premium plan subscription, below is the pricing of capcut premium plan.

One Month Premium Plan Cost (Recurring)

Monthly Pro Plan Cost   (Auto Expire after 1 Month)

Monthly Cloud Storage Cost

Annually Pro Plan (Valid for 1 year only)





Pros and Cons of Capcut APK

This capcut mod app is the one-stop solution for all of your video editing needs. Whether you are a content creator or video editor, capcut for PC is the best fit for you to edit your videos for social media platforms and professional business videos. There are many benefits of using capcut for PC video editor but there are also some drawbacks of using this app. I have listed some of the pros and cons of capcut APK that you can find below.

Pros Cons
✅ User Friendly ❌ Requires Stable Internet Connection
✅ Multiple Trending Features ❌ Requires System Specification
✅ Free to use
✅ No Watermark
✅ Social Sharing
✅ High Quality Export
✅ Easy to use
✅ Multilingual Support
✅ Advanced Editing Capabilities
✅ Time Efficient
✅ With No Ads

Capcut Alternatives






VN Video Editor

Filmora Editor


Yes, you can easily download capcut for pc by using several methods mentioned in this webpage.

Yes, capcut for PC is completely free to download. Although to use some premium addons, you have to purchase the premium plans of capcut.

Yes, you can download capcut on PC without emulator. Follow the steps above to install capcut on PC without emulator

Yes, the PC version of capcut is available for you to edit and create viral TikTok videos

Yes, capcut for PC is free

Yes, capcut works on PC.