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In the evolving social media and content creation world, dealing with watermarks, premium-locked features, and ads is a hassle. It is now very crucial to have the right video editing tool InShot. InShot Pro APK gained popularity among video and content creators by providing various effects and filters to make your video look excellent.
This article covers all the features and functionalities of InShot, its variants like InShot Pro and InShot mod APK, and its availability on operating systems like InShot for PC.
In the end, we also compare InShot and Capcut, which will help you choose the best video editing software for your needs.

What is the InShot App?

InShot is a video editing app that helps beginners and advanced content creators easily create and edit their videos. The app offers a wide range of editing features, effects, and filters to enhance your video. It has everything you need to improve your video, such as trimming, splitting, effects, filters, transitions, etc.

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Key Features of InShot

Given below are the features that are available inside Inshot Mod Apk, these are all the standard and premium features available in the app we’re providing to you for educational purpose.

No Watermark

InShot pro mod apk allows you to export your videos without a watermark, which attracts the audience.

AI Effects

With AI effects, your photo will have an outstanding impact generated by AI. Now, you can save time finding and applying effects.

Video Speed Control

InShot Mod APK provides amazing video editing tools with the help of which you can easily control the speed of your video and create unique effects like slow-mo and fast-forward to give your video a fantastic look.

No time limits on video Length

With InShot Mod APK, you cannot limit the video length you can export. InShot pro mod apk allows you to export large videos with no such time limits.

Video Presets and Slideshow

Video presets and slideshows allow you to create fantastic video effects easily. You can also add sound effects behind your images to make them more attractive. This software is mainly used for making wedding photo collage videos.

Custom Video Ratio

InShot mod apk allows you to adjust the ratio of your video on your own; you can set it to make pixel-perfect videos for your social media accounts like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Priority Support

The InShot provides you with 24/7 support, which helps you solve any issue you face while editing.

Image Editing

You can also enhance the images you will use for any video inside the InShot app.

Trimming and Zooming Effects

If you want to highlight any part of your video, you can easily apply a zoom effect on that particular part to make it stand out. You can also cut or trim the unwanted parts from your video and edit the rest with amazing effects and templates to make your video engaging and eye-catching.

Reverse the whole video clip

You can flip or reverse your video to give it more creative effects. This helps you create effects that attract the viewer.

Background Blur

Do you want to make your subject prominent in the video and remove or blur the distractions? If yes, this fantastic feature will help you make your images and videos stand out. Applying this excellent filter lets you create depth to grab users’ attention to any subject.

Unlimited Effects

The InShot app comes with amazing pre-made effects, with the help of which you can easily edit your videos with just a few clicks. You can choose from a list of available effects and apply what you like to your video.

Chroma key

This is another amazing feature that the InShot app offers its users to create amazing content for their social media platforms or any other business or personal presentation. You can use this feature to remove and replace any background from your video.

Trim and Cut

InShot’s advanced editing features allow you to cut unwanted parts from your video to make it smooth and distraction-free.

Merge and Join

You can also merge and join different videos in one place to make your video look professional. This feature is fantastic for creating story-telling videos where you need several video cuts to merge to get a full message video.

Text and Stickers

InShot mod apk offers you a vast text and stickers library to make your editing flow easy. You can add stickers to your video to attract the audience and to retain focus on what you’re talking about in your video.

Music and Sound Effects

You can add music behind your video and sound effects on several parts to make your video more engaging and professional.

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Keyframe Animation

This amazing feature of the InShot app allows you to create smooth animations on your video. By applying keyframes, you can animate any part or image.

4K Video Editing

InShot Pro allows you to export and edit your 4K resolution videos until and unless your device can play that video resolution.

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Ad-free Experience

Now, with InShot Pro APK, you can edit your video without any distraction from ads in between. There are no ads with the InShot Pro video editor.

Audio Control

InShot also allows you to control the audio by applying several editing techniques to your audio, such as speed, volume, etc.

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inshot multi-layer-editing

Multi-Layer Editing

InShot video editor supports multi-layer editing, which helps you edit complex video projects. You can now add and work on multiple video and audio layers inside the project window to edit complex projects.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

With this fantastic feature, you can overlay any video or image on top of any other video to create unique effects.


User-Friendly Interface

The InShot app has a fantastic, user-friendly interface. Even a beginner can edit their videos quickly.

InShot for PC

InShot Video Editor is a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. However, many people want to edit their videos on big screens and want video editors like InShot for PC for smooth editing. As no official desktop app is available on your PC, you can use emulators like BlueStack or Nox Player to download and install the InShot app.

How do you download and install InShot on a PC?

Follow the steps below to install and use InShot on the PC.

  1. Download the Bluestack emulator or NOX player on your PC.
  2. Open the emulator and search for a Play store
  3. Open the Play Store and look for the InShot app
  4. Download the InShot app and click the install button
  5. You’ve successfully installed the InShot app on your PC; now continue using it.

You can also drag and drop the InShot mod apk file on the emulator to install it and edit your video with all premium features unlocked.

Warning Alert!

As we all know that the modded APK files can unlock the premium features of any app but you also need to keep the risks associated with some of the MOD APKs in mind. We always recommend you to download the original APK file of any app from the official website or any other reputable website to ensure that it is malware and virus-free.

What is InShot pro?

InShot Pro is the premium version of InShot, with all the premium features unlocked. It would help if you bought a subscription to use InShot Pro.

How can I download the InShot mod apk?

You can easily download the InShot mod app from or any other reputable website.

Can I use it in an InShot on a PC?

Yes, you can use the InShot app on your PC with the help of emulators or NOX players.

Is InShot better than capcut?

Both are video editing apps with premium editing features. However, Capcut is better in some cases as it offers many advanced features for editing your videos on social media, such as TikTok and Instagram.