5 Best Video Editing Apps of 2024

5 best video editing apps of 2024

In this fast-evolving world of content creation, having the right video editing tools can make you and your content stand out. Whether you are a content creator, social media influencer, short storyteller, or filmmaker, video editing is an essential skill nowadays.

In this guide, we will cover the top 5 best video editing apps of 2024 that promise to enhance your creativity. Each app offers unique features and benefits to help users create stunning visuals and videos for their personal and professional needs.

Capcut Pro App

Capcut is the most popular video editing app of 2024 created by the developers who made TikTok. The Capcut is mainly used to create and edit viral TikTok videos, and Instagram reels due to its vast library of effects and templates that are available for free. Although the app has its pro version, you can still get more in its free version. You can also get the Capcut pro for free using the mod apk of Capcut, in which all the premium features are unlocked and ready to use.

Key Features of Capcut

Capcut comes with a variety of features to make your editing easy. You can easily create stunning videos with its wide range of video effects, templates, stickers, sound effects, music library, fonts, and body VFX effects. Moreover, the Capcut app also supports multi-layer editing and XML. The other advanced video editing tools, including trim, split, merge, animate, freeze, and speed control, can make your editing easy and worth sharing. It also supports 4K export, which is available in the premium version of Capcut that you can use for free if you download Capcut mod apk.

Why Choose Capcut?

One of the primary and solid reasons for choosing Capcut is its accessibility across different devices. The app is easy and free to download and use. You can export videos on Capcut without a watermark. It is the best choice for content creators looking for video editors who can show a price tag or watermark on top of videos after export. With Capcut latest updates, you will get access to all the new features and benefits.

VN Video Editor

VN video editor is one of the best video editing software of 2024 due to its best user interface and advanced editing features. It helps both beginners and professional video editors to edit videos with ease.

Features of VN Video Editor

VN video editor has advanced editing capabilities and features, including multi-layer editing timelines, video effects and templates, and keyframe animations. The app provides a lot of pre-made templates to customize and use inside your videos quickly. The app also supports 4K resolution export to make your videos look more exciting and eye-catching.

What are the Advantages of using VN Video Editor?

The VN Video editor is simple to use with the proper functionalities and features that every professional video editor or content creator needs in any video editing software. The app is free to use with all its premium features that attract the creators looking for low-budget video editing apps.

AlighMotion APK

Are you interested in motion graphics and visual effects? If yes, this excellent video editing app is for you, and it’s amongst the best video editing apps in 2024. This powerful video editing tool treats graphic designers, video animators, and video editors equally. AlightMotion apk also supports Bitmap and vector graphics and is specialized in creating complex visual effects.

Features of AlightMotion APK

It has features like keyframe animations, visual effects, and blending modes to help you create unique and smooth animations for your project. You can also work on creating and editing scalable images because Alightmotion also supports vector graphics. It also offers advanced video editing tools like split, trim, merge, speed control, etc.

Why is AlightMotion the Best Choice?

AlightMotion APK is the best choice for editors who want to work on video animations and motion graphics. You can also export your final edited video in multiple formats, making it the perfect choice for video editors and animators.

InShot Video Editor

Inshot helps you quickly create and edit videos for your social media accounts and personal use. Inshot offers a variety of features like photo editing, video editing, and collage-making inside one app.

Features of Inshot

Inshot has unique and advanced editing features like trimming, merging, splitting, adding sound effects, music, stickers, fonts, and a vast library of effects and templates. The shot app also allows you to export your video in various resolutions and ratios, making it the perfect choice for content creators.

What are the Benefits of Using the InShot App?

Inshot comes with a beautiful eye, catchy, and easy to use self explanatory interface. Its ability to export the final project into various aspect ratios makes it the best choice for video editors as they can easily export to their desired format and ratio. With some In-app purchases, you can use the InShot app for free to access its premium features.

Filmora Editor

Filmora is also a famous video editing software developed by Wondershare to create and edit YouTube videos. Like all other video editing software, filmora also has a project timeline where you can easily edit, move, and adjust your video and audio layers.

Key Features of Filmora

Filmora offers many features, including keyframe animation, multi-track timeline, and color correction. It also provides various fonts, text effects, stickers, transitions, and video effects to enhance your videos. Filmora also supports 4K export,, ensuring you will get high-quality results.

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Editor is perfect for those who are looking for professional-grade editing in an accessible format. You can use filmora on mobile as well as desktop due to its availability on both platforms. The primary and standard version of Filmora is free to use. At the same time, its premium subscription is worth purchasing as you can access multiple advanced features unavailable in the free version.


Which video editing app is best for beginners?

Cap Cut is the best video editing app for beginners due to its easy-to-use interface and unique, ready-made customizable templates.

Which is the best free video editing app of 2024?

VN Video Editor and Caput are the best free video editing apps of 2024. Both apps offer advanced and powerful video editing tools without any cost..

Do these apps support 4K Editing?

Yes, all the apps listed above support 4K video editing.

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